C-TRACT 2020 Investigator Meeting Documents

Agenda C-TRACT Investigator Meeting

AM Session – Intro to CCC and Core-Lab Teams

AM Session – Vedantham C-TRACT Status, Challenges, Protocol Updates

AM Session – Kindzelski NHLBI Perspective on C-TRACT

AM Session – Vedantham Refresher on Elegibility Criteria

AM Session – Parpia Minimizing Bias

AM Session – Hadley Tips for Optimizing US Quality and Documentation

AM Session – Magnuson Tips to Implementing the Economic Study

AM Session – Debate Desai Great New Stents

AM Session – Debate Wasan No Stents

AM Session – Vedantham Applying Recruitment Science

Coordinator Session – Oliver/Nieters Protocol v4.7 Overview

Coordinator Session – Crawford Medi Compression Garments

Coordinator Session – Filion/Oliver Managing Study Data Outcome Events and Screening Efforts

Coordinator Session – Oliver Recruitment

Investigator Session – Kahn Updates on PTS Trials – EVT

Investigator Session – Thukral Updates on PTS Trials – EVT

Investigator Session – Vedantham Update on PTS Trials – EVT

Investigator Session – Wasan Optimizing Medical PTS Therapy

Investigator Session – Supplement Wasan Article

Investigator Session – Marston Expectations for Venous Ulcer Care

End of Session – Vedantham Leading By Example

Opening Remarks – Kahn/Lal/Oliver

Vedantham Update on C-TRACT

Kindzelski NHLBI Perspective on the C-TRACT Trial

Parpia Minimizing Bias

Vedantham Review of Inclusion-Exclusion Criteria

Hadley VasCore US Tips

Magnuson Tips Economic Study

Desai/Wasan Therapy Debate

Vedantham/Nieters Applying Recruitment Science

Vedantham Panel Applying Recruitment Science